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What To Do When You Need Deal With Storm Damage In Fairfield County

Dealing With Storm Damage

With any type of storm damage or water damage, you can and should call a professional in Fairfield County for storm damage repairs. Our Westchester handyman and remodeling experts have been helping your friends and neighbors in Fairfield County for thirteen years now.

Whether you choose us or not, you'll want to choose a company with a good local reputation that will help you every step of the way with your insurance claims process. At Justino Contracting, we provide such professional services for our customers.

Professionals need to step in right away so you and your loved ones can stay safe. In flooding situations that involve natural disasters, call your local emergency services as well. In most cases, you should leave the home and shut off the main power to the house as soon as you see a problem. The flood waters are dangerous if they are charged by electricity.

Dealing With The Stress Of Storm Damages

When your Fairfield County home suffers from storm damages, you suffer as well. Dealing with storm damage can cause so much stress it will make a grown man cry. And it's no wonder because the property is more than a building. It's your home which you and your family are emotionally invested in.

This is why the best advice we can give you is to choose a storm damage restoration company who is local and will assist you with the insurance claims process. Unless you want to deal with the additional stress, hire a contractor who takes care of the restoration process and helps you get the most from the claim possible.

Flooding & Water Damages

Water damage can be caused by a variety of problems including storms, flash floods, plumbing leaks, sewage backups, seeping or cracked foundations, roof leaks, roof cave-ins from snow or ice buildup, and from fire extinguishing.

Water damage is something you never want to ignore if it happens to you. That's why you hear landlords require tenants to call immediately when there is any type of leak. With water damage from water lines to the home, shut off the water valve to the area or at the water main in your front yard.

If wastewater backs up in the home, keep everyone out of the wastewater because it is contaminated. Sometimes fresh water can flood a home if a frozen pipe breaks, an appliance or plumbing connection leaks, or a pipe rusts out. This isn't serious unless the water reaches an area of the home with electrical wiring.

Snow & Ice Damages

In our area of the country, it's not uncommon for the snow and ice to build up so high on the roof that the sheer weight of it causes a cave in. This is a seriously dangerous situation. Ice dams that form along the edge of a roof can also damage the roof structure or your home's siding or landscaping.

If you need storm damage repairs in Fairfield County to restore your home, we are only a phone call away. There's nothing more rewarding than helping families restore their properties so they can feel safe and comfortable again in their homes.


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