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Ideas For Finishing Your Basement

The idea of converting your unfinished basement into space you can use daily is a great one, but somehow time gets away and it continues to remain at it was. There are some great ways to get your basement finished if you are still contemplating the idea. While you are brainstorming how you want it to look keep your budget in the front of your mind as well. You don't want to run out of money for the project before it has been completed. Some people add a kitchen or bathroom to their basement but in most cases they aren't practical and they will definitely raise the cost involved.

Not only do you need to consider your budget but you have to take other things into consideration including your plumbing, water proofing, electrical wiring issues, and cabinet space. You also have to decide who is going to do the work so that you can budget accordingly. Of course a contractor is more expensive but then they will take care of all the details for you. If you decide to hire a contractor then make sure you check their references as well as previous work that they have completed. You may also want to look into the credit rating of a particular contractor.

If there is a certain layout design you want implemented in your basement then make sure you share that information with the contractor you hire. This will assist them with taking care of heating, cooling, and electrical issues. It many cases the current set up can be left how it is but in some instances it will have to be redone. Make sure any plans for your basement include an easy way to get out in the case of an emergency.

Once the moisture problems have been settled, it is time to look at the next step of basement finishing: the plumbing. If you are planning to put in a bathroom or a sink in the basement, the pipes to drain water have to be put in place. For this, you may have to drill the walls and the flooring. Once the plumbing is in place, you can patch the floor and the walls. Make sure the patch is smooth and in the same plane as existing floor.

After plumbing is out of the way, the walls need to be put in place for basement finishing. You can put wood slabs on the masonry wall to give you a smooth finish. The heating and cooling systems must be installed after this. You will need to figure out if the existing heating and cooling systems will be adequate for the basement as well or do additional furnaces need to be put in. Covering of electrical wiring will also need to be worked on. Telephone outlets will need to be installed as well.

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