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Green Bathroom Remodeling

Green bathroom remodeling advantage that is most talked about is that it saves energy and water resources. It also takes advantage of recycled or refinished materials. Bathroom remodeling makes property attractive to homeowners, hotels or motels, apartments or any other person that has bathrooms that need to be updated. This is especially important in a sluggish economy where prospective property buyers are looking for properties that have energy and water efficient fixtures already installed.

Home improvement adds value to any property. And that is why realtors who know the advantages of remodeling are educating those they are helping in selling their properties that potential home or property buyers are looking for energy efficient fixtures and appliances. Realtors who understand and embrace the this knowledge are using it to sell four times more houses than their competitors.

Bathroom remodeling in combination with refinishing involves the consideration of many factors before the home renovation starts. Whether your motivation is environmental responsibility, or saving money, bathroom remodeling would make you feel satisfied. Your bathroom, is your place of solitude, health, hygiene and relaxation.

Many building materials vendors' are selling bathroom remodeling materials that are made of recycled materials like tile; vanities and flooring for example. Recycled fixtures like refinished sinks, and countertops save money and conserve natural resources. Antique claw foot tubs are becoming popular again. Newer tubs are not as good as the originals, therefore, many home owners prefer the old fashion traditional claw foot tubs.

Environmentally sound bathroom remodeling starts with a good consideration of water resources. How is water used? That means that much consideration should be given to how much water is used while flushing the toilet and also how much water your shower heads use. For instance switching from an old standard toilet to a much smaller, dual-flush toilet, alone can reduce your water consumption by 22 percent.

Refinishing, coupled with a good use of environmental assets can save apartment owners and other commercial institutions money on their energy and water bills. It takes quite a good amount of energy to pump water to a purification facility, process it, and pump it to the house. In addition, it takes energy to process the waste coming out of the house. And when you add the energy that is needed to produce hot water, you see that substantial amount of energy is involved.

According to American Water Works Association, toilets consume an average of 20.1 gallons of water per person, per day in a home that doesn't't have water-conserving fixtures. That is a lot of water in a day and close to 30 percent of the water that one person in an average home uses indoors in a day. Therefore for for good savings, consider water-saving fixtures like low-flow toilets. Dual-flush toilets are the way to go.

According to the Federal Energy Management Program, just upgrading from a 3.5 gpf (gallons per flush) toilet to a 1.6 gpf model reduces yearly water use from 27,300 gallons to 12,500 gallons. Another way to reduce water usage and save money is by using low-flow toilets and replacing your bathroom showerheads.

Home renovation offers the opportunity to go from high energy consuming incandescent lighting to lower-energy-consuming fluorescent and halogen lighting. Since saving energy is the goal here, it is a time to add insulation cover openings that loose energy, while avoiding more energy-consuming features like heated floors.

By refinishing, beauties like antique claw foot tubs can be restored to like new condition. Many ceramic tiles may not need to be thrown into the landfills. The colors can even be changed to match your bathroom decor. Remember, not replacement, but refinishing is your best remodeling alternative.

Today, there are varieties of good recycled tile products. There are also materials for your walls and even your bathroom countertop. Use nontoxic grout and caulk.

To achieve the maximum efficiency for your bathroom, make sure that your plumbing supply and waste lines are upgraded. Proper shut-off valves should be installed, while making sure that the hot-water system is running smoothly. With all other considerations, make sure you have a bathroom remodeling or refinishing budget.

Remodeling a bathroom with durability in view

Bathroom remodeling offers an opportunity to remodel with a long term view since most remodels are done to last a few years. It is estimated that 40% of waste that goes to the landfill sites is from home remodeling, that includes bathroom remodeling. Remodeling bathrooms to last just a few years, adds to the landfills and has a big impact on our environment. As you consider your home improvement, pay attention to how long you want your remodel to last.

Benefits of the green bathroom remodeling

The best environmental benefits of bathroom remodeling are achieved when building materials, lighting, ventilation, are combined with equally environmentally sustainable products. By using products that are not friendly to the environment we cross out the gains we have made in reducing VOC's. The same goes for the products that are used in cleaning.

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