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Flooring Types For Your Westchester County Kitchen Remodeling

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When you're planning to remodel your Westchester County kitchen, you'll be making a lot of choices including what type of flooring you want to have installed. Your existing flooring will be removed and replaced with the same type of material or something completely new, it's all up to you!

Changing your kitchen is a fun project that brings a lot of returns. You'll enjoy the space for years and spend a lot of quality time with your family in your kitchen, which makes it a great place to start for remodeling.

You may want to extend existing floors into the kitchen area or you may want a different flooring type installed. Many homeowners who have hardwood floors enjoy putting tile in the kitchen area because they believe it to be a better choice for areas that are more exposed to moisture conditions.

Real Hardwood Floors For Kitchen Remodeling

But truly, the flooring in your kitchen will likely stand up to the tests of time if you opt for materials that are durable and long lasting. Hardwood are durable and lasting, and are easily kept clean with a damp mop. Just be sure spills are cleaned up quickly and that if any flooding occurs you have options to get it picked up and dried as soon as possible.

Bamboo flooring is fast becoming popular in many homes. Giving you options from dark to light bamboo colors, floors made of bamboo are naturally moisture, insect, and impact resistant. Bamboo is the highly favored "green" material for flooring today and is very much desired by many. Bamboo looks stunning no matter the shade you choose.

Composite Flooring Options For Kitchen Remodeling

Made of differing materials that make them composites, the laminate and high quality vinyl are manufactured in layers with the core being made of high-density fiberboard for the first and PVC vinyl. This is what gives these flooring types the rigidity and strength to last. They are very durable options for the kitchen area.

Not only are composite flooring types more durable than in the past, but they handle stains better and are now resistant to flame, mold, mildew, impacts, and more. Laminate flooring is highly stain resistant. Laminate flooring is primarily made of wood which makes it feel like wood, but the LVT or high quality vinyl feels much smoother and a little more artificial.

Many types of composite flooring will hold the color and shine that's added during manufacturing very well. The factory puts multiple coats of finish on flooring that's prefinished. These floors can also be waxed and kept sealed to last longer.

Real wood or composite wood flooring are beautiful flooring options for the kitchen remodeling, but they aren't the only options out there that would be great for the kitchen.

Natural Stone & Other Kitchen Floor Remodeling Options

Ceramic tile, soapstone, marble, brick, or any other flooring type can go in your kitchen. Even bare painted or stained concrete can be your flooring of choice! Slate makes a great choice for the kitchen area too, but soapstone is a favorite in many households.

We'd love to show you some samples if you'd like, just give our kitchen remodeling specialists at Justino Contracting Inc. a call and we'll help you choose just the right floor for your kitchen remodeling project here in the Westchester County area.


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