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Painting Concrete in Fairfield County

Traditionally, painting a concrete surface is considered one of the best ways to protect them and to make them more attractive. However, other ways of protecting concrete and making it more inviting have been developed. In protecting concrete surfaces, different types of concrete sealant that prevent water from seeping into concrete surfaces, are now available in the market. To make concrete surfaces more attractive, a recent development is staining the surface -- a more practical, and a more unique way of making a concrete surface more inviting.

There are a number of advantages in staining concrete surfaces, which makes it the better choice over painting. One is that the stain that is used penetrates the concrete surface and it will not peel off like paint does after some time. Apart from this, when painted concrete surfaces become wet, they tend to become very slippery and pose a health risk to people.

Some of the most common types of stains are acid based stains, which are ideal for concrete surfaces because acid based that cause a chemical reaction that makes them attach to the surface. The stain would become part of the concrete surface. Other common types of stains are water-based stains, which are easier to apply than acid based solutions. However, this kind of stain is more sensitive to wear and tear and the satins do not last very long.

Both these stains come in different colors and different shades. Mamaroneck homeowners take necessary steps in protecting different parts of their homes including the concrete surfaces. Traditionally, Mamaroneck homeowners opt to paint concrete surfaces to protect and make them more attractive. However, recent developments such as staining and sealing concrete surfaces have proven to be the better options in not only protecting concrete surfaces but also in making them more attractive.

By Kevin Stith


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