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Making the Move Towards Aging in Place

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Getting older and entering your golden years can actually be something to look forward to. Retirement, more time with the grand-kids and the ability to just relax are a few of the definite perks. However, the one thing many people dread as their senior years approach, is the thought of giving up the place that they call home for an assisted living facility. The good news is that more and more homeowners are making the wise decision to transform their current house into a space that is appropriate to stay in. In other words, they are creating a home that is suitable for aging in place. There are now more options than ever before to modify the place you call home into a facility that will be able to accommodate you. Studies indicate that people thrive and stay more positive, when able to remain in their own homes. Not to mention, common sense will tell you that this is true. Before assuming that your only option is to relocate to an unfamiliar dwelling, learn more about the modifications that can be made, in order to get superior results for this lifestyle transition.

Joining the Ranks

Join the ranks of countless other savvy Westchester homeowners who are finding out more about aging in place. There are plenty of adjustments and modifications that can be professionally made to your current home, that can completely change your quality of life. Safer conditions for easy maneuvering, even for those with limited mobility, will help you remain in the place you call home. While a professional should be taking care of the alternations to your home, there are some tips that can help you with the process, as well:

Prioritize your modifications. You may already be in a position where you, or someone in your household, has limited mobility. If you are not going to do major home renovations all at once, start with what is most important. For instance, creating a safe and user-friendly bathroom is not just important for sanitation, it helps a person's morale, as well. Do you require entry ramps for a wheelchair? Wider door frames? Or a more user-friendly bathroom? Take care of tasks in the proper order to make your house a more compatible space.

If you are concerned about finances, start looking realistically at the cost of assisted living facilities. Truth be told, even an entire home remodeling project for aging-in-place is usually more cost-effective, when compared to transitioning to an assisted living facility. Not to mention, the emotional toll it can take.

Discuss the options available with an industry expert who is seasoned in this field. What many people do not realize is just how many options are available for making changes to your house. Once you are aware of the almost endless possibilities that exist, in order to make your home more comfortable and user-friendly, it only makes sense to get started.

This is a way to invest back into your own biggest investment. If done with expert skill and precision, aging-in-place modifications will increase the property value of your home. There is more of a market now than ever before for homes that are already set up for aging-in-place. So, when you do get ready to sell, you will have increased the value and marketability.

Don't Settle for Less Than the Best

When you want quality remodeling work, you need a trusted local expert. For almost 20 years now, that name has been Justino Contracting Inc. We were ahead of the trend for aging-in-place, and continue to produce the best results around. The bottom line is that we genuinely care about our customers. This is especially true when it means empowering homeowners to take back control of their lives and settle into their twilight years, while staying in the place that they call home. Know your options and educate yourself in order to be an informed homeowner and a savvy consumer. The bottom line is that relocating to an assisted living space no longer has to be your only choice.

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