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The windows in your home are a huge part of its appearance and curb appeal—both inside and out—but that’s not all. They’re also responsible for a huge portion of how energy efficient your home is. Older, worn out windows can start to have a negative effect on your energy efficiency, and they could mean that you’re overpaying for your heating and cooling bills each months.

Windows should be able to keep your conditioned air inside, and outdoor air outside. But when they get into too bead of a condition, they’ll fail to achieve this. Often, you’ll notice that the panes feel cold to the touch in the winter, and you may even feel a draft coming through the cracks.

If you’ve noticed any of these problems, it’s probably time to have your windows replaced. The professional Westchester remodeling contractors at Justino Contracting can provide you with high quality replacement windows, and we can make sure that they’re perfectly installed.

Replacement Windows for Renovations

Of course, energy efficiency is not the only reason that Westchester homeowners have their windows replaced. Homeowners frequently have replacement windows installed as a part of larger renovations for purely aesthetic reasons.

Our replacement windows come in a wide variety of types of styles, and your new windows can completely change the way any room in your home looks and feels. These windows will last for years, make your home more valuable, and they’re the perfect addition to any home.

Vinyl Windows

Because of they’re so durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance, vinyl windows are a popular choice for many homeowners who are considering replacement windows. Vinyl windows don’t rust or warp, so they never need very much attention or maintenance. They’re also the most cost-efficient option, and they’ll help you increase your energy efficiency.

Our window replacement specialists can make sure that your new vinyl windows are professionally installed into any space, no matter what the size.

Wood Windows

It’s tough to find anyone who would argue against the natural beauty of wood, so if you’re trying to have the most attractive replacement windows possible in your Westchester home, wood windows may be your best choice. The aesthetic qualities of wood replacement windows are only the beginning:

  • Wood windows can help you increase the structural integrity of your home, and they’ll add richness to your architectural design.
  • While they require more maintenance than vinyl windows, their quality and classic design make them a great option for anyone who will properly care for them.

Our window replacement specialists can help you decide if wood windows are right for you home.

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